Staffing your Business the Modern Way


Spikes in demand, maternity leaves, employee illness and extended vacations can leave your company understaffed and over-stressed. Targett & Associates’ Staffing services can help maintain your company’s workflow and success.


Hiring new employees is costly. Why not utilize Targett & Associates’ employee database within your company allows you the opportunity to monitor their performance in real life situations before committing to a direct hire.


When you require an immediate direct hire; our staffing and hiring experts will work with you to fully understand your business before beginning our recruiting process ensuring you receive only qualified candidates.


With Targett’s onslaught of applications, tap into the database of our candidates to fulfill any position you are needing.

We'll Help You Build Your Team

We take care of you, so you can take care of business. Targett & Associates’ Staffing services is a leading light industrial, offshore, subsea construction and other industries in Colorado and Texas. Our experienced recruiters will take a hands-on approach, working to understand your challenges and providing the resources you need to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and get great results.

Qualified Candidates

Targett & Associates’ candidates are screened and interviewed in-depth prior to presenting them to any of our employers. We have our interview process down to a science that includes verification of any academic degrees, technical training, health physical and drug screen requisite to any given position.

Are you a job seeker?

Please view all our job openings here OR apply here. Once we have received your application online, our hiring manager will review and call for further instructions.

Are you an employer looking for staffing services in Colorado or Texas?

Please contact us so we can discuss more in-depth your needs for your business.

Have questions about insurance OR our staffing services?

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